so, what`s your idea?

Coded Idea is a place where ideas are passionately changed into well-crafted applications. We believe that everything starts from a great idea and its beautiful representation. We are always ready to hear it from you and support you in building a solid software solution. It’s clear for us that it’s the details that make the idea turn into success.

We always build our cooperation on trust and full commitment from the very first „Hello”. We know that building project does not only mean software development but also improving the idea – that’s why we stay as a close advisers.

There is always an individual approach to each idea right from the first day of the project. We offer you the complete Application Lifecycle Management from the very first step. Depending on your needs we offer you a specific method of building your idea and will guide you through each step to create with you a well-functioning team. We always take the very best of agile methodologies to enjoy the work and give you the best results.

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Scrum Methodology

We always keep your goals prioritized to build exactly what you need and react quickly to changes at every stage of development. Your software will be released systematically after short and constant periods of time to increment your project with well-tested and reliable features.



Lean Prototyping

We can also help with estimating the scope and profitability of the project. We would be very happy to prepare for you a working prototype in a few weeks to allow you to test your own idea. If the idea works as well as expected we will be glad to start our long-term cooperation.