… and we are still for you

We know very well that the life of an application does not end at the time of its launch – this is just the beginning of a long journey. That’s why we’re still for you here. Making your idea come alive never means the end of our commitment. Supporting the idea is a long process where you can see our strong commitment to our long-term cooperation. Each step of software creation is equally important to us.


Since we want to support you at every stage of Coding your Idea we would like cooperate with you in two ways:

Product / Idea Maintenance

We want your idea to be so successful as you wish, so we always support you and your users through the everyday maintenance. Responding to the current use of the application allows you to keep your product in a great shape. Scaling the technical environment of your application to always keep the best user experience is the critical goal of our maintenance process.

Extending your product / Enhancing the idea

Successfull product will always react to the current needs of application users. We deeply believe in that, so we are always ready to develop the idea with you by extending it with a new and well-prepared functionality. We always have an eye on the entire life cycle of the applications and current trends in order to offer improvements to keep your product extremely powerful on the market.